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  1. We do not host any games or video files, We provide information and links to what we believe is to be the official sites. if we provide something that infringes against your copyright please use the submit page to send us the link to the page on our website and what we infringed on and it will be taken off of our site or you may submit your complaint in writing to

KIlla Free Games

5655 County Road 3460

Ada, Oklahoma 74820

2. If you still see a link to steam powered on our website please use the comment section below the post to send us a note about it, it has been brought to our attention that they may be infringing on others copyright and scamming people. We do the best we can to only provide true info about games and links to the official game pages and download stores. Thanks for your understanding and if you see we provided a bad link or if we infringe on your copyright without our knowledge please use the submit page to let us know!

3. We are not responsible for any links you click on our site as when you leave our site we don’t own, control, or endorse the website that you clicked on.


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