Taylor Swift – Blank Space Gamer Girl Parody

Taylor Swift’s best kept secret finally revealed!!! ( FREE Album download link below! )
A Bipolar Psychopathic Gamer Girl, a Debutante Game-A-Holic, a Video Game Vigilante, and the real life Iron Man Collide in this Award-Winning Video Game Parody of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space!

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The Recording Team – Something Magic

Taylor Swift Blank Space Gamer Girl Parody.

About The Video.
This video features footage from some of my favorite video games. I’m most looking forward to Star Wars: Battlefront, I’m hoping theres a Game Model, and not too many Trolling Noobs. Killcams shot some of the scenes. and I think that makes it Official Gameplay footage. There will hopefully be a Trailer soon for the PS4, and maybe even the PS5! My brothers always preferred the Xbox1. And this video is a satirical look at Gamer Girls. And Gamergate. Why can’t girls with tattoos be gamers? Is there anything wrong with tattooed girls that the world calls hot and sexy playing video games and cosplaying? Personally I don’t think there is.

What do you think?

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