A Batman Rap music video brought to you by the Dark Knight himself, Bruce Wayne!
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Batman Gangster Rap, The Dark Knight music video
a song inspired by all things Batman and Bruce Wayne

Complete with an epic batman rap battle with the Joker

Beat by Dave Harding…

Mixing & Mastering by Taylor Lipari

Directed by Michael Schroeder

Produced by TJ Smith ( & Brian Fisher

Cinematography by Michael Schmidt


David Odom – Batman

Nak3d Eli – Alfred

Bree Essrig – Poison Ivy

Rosanna Pansino – Harley Quinn

Josh Mattingly – Bane

Michael Davis – Voice of Bane

Justine Gilroy-Jones – Catwoman

Dodger – Voice of Catwoman…

Mary Emfinger – Lois Lane

Brian Fisher – Joker

Ryan Tellez – Superman

Joey Weinstein – Robin

Michael Schroeder – Bruce Wayne’s Music Producer

Jirard Khalil – Insane Cocaine Dealer

TJ Smith – Dirty Bearded Gangster

Grace Ingland – Mansion Honey 1

Evea Elizabeth – Mansion Honey 2

Erin “Killer” Sievers – Mansion Honey 3

Editing by Michael Schroeder & Ryan Tellez

VFX editing by Brian Fisher

Special Thanks Kevin Oliver and Alex Kovac

– The Warp Zone –


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