Play First Class Solitaire

First Class Solitaire is a classic online solitaire card game with first-class extras! In this travel-themed solitaire First Class Solitairegame, players need to place their cards in numerical order in alternating suits to win. Look out for the “bonus” cards to increase your score.

First Class Game Play
The object of First Class Solitaire is to move all of the cards from the table and the deck into one of the four “foundation” piles at the top of the screen.

Solitaire with Style
New cards of the same suit are added to the foundation in ascending sequence; A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K. Sort all 52 cards into the correct piles and win the game!

Bonus Cards
Hidden among the standard playing cards are four BONUS cards, one for each of the four suits. When placed on a foundation pile, the BONUS card reveals a special score multiplier.

Score Tokens
All shuffles and deals of the cards are completely random. If you are unable to remove all of the cards from the table, begin a new game, and collect all the tokens you’ve won from the previous game.

Solitaire Basics

At the beginning of the game, seven stacks of cards are laid out on the table with the top card in each pile face up. The first stack has one card (face up), the second stack pile has two cards (one card face up, one card face down), until the seventh stack has seven cards with only the top card face up.

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