MONOPOLY – Wheel and deal as you build your fortune playing an exciting game of MONOPOLY online. Buy up MONOPOLYwhole neighborhoods, charge rent, and watch your empire grow. It’s all about making deals and making money. But don’t land in Jail! Go broke, and you’ll lose everything. Play MONOPOLY online and other online board games. offers over 100 free online games for hours and hours of exhilarating game play!

Buy & Sell
Buy properties when you land on the ones that aren’t already owned.

Charge Rent
The goal of this MONOPOLY online board game is simple: Make as much money as you can! more houses and hotels you have, the more rent money you can collect.

Get Rich
Cha-ching! Every time someone lands on one of your properties in this MONOPOLY online board game, they pay you rent!

Classic Favorite
It’s just like the MONOPOLY board game you’ve known and loved for years.

When it’s your turn in MONOPOLY, you click the “Roll” button to roll the dice and move your MONOPOLY piece the number of spaces indicated on your roll. What happens next depends on the space you land on… Just like the board game


For more detail: MONOPOLY


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