Sixty Second Search

In Sixty Second Search, skill, speed and accuracy are essential. Use the arrow keys to quickly navigate the constantly changing maze in this fast paced retro game. Can you last 60 seconds and beat the game? You got to be fast to last in the sixty second search if you fail it will reset the [...]



chromAxis is a simple-yet-challenging puzzle game in which you must always be thinking several steps ahead. When you click on a tile, every tile in the same column and row of that tile advances to the next color in a predefined sequence of two, three, or four colors. The goal to to make every tile [...]

Hidden Numbers Zoo

Find the hidden 10 numbers in the picture. Numbers change their places everytime you play, so you play new number game everytime. Numbers in hidden around the picture try and find them within a good time or a better score, If you miss click you lose score points. Use your mouse to click on the [...]

Dan Devil

Dan Devil is an action packed game where you have to stop a prison outbreak - IN HELL! You have less than four minutes to stop 11 bosses and minor baddies! Run, punch, jump and yank baddies from the sky before they get away! Join Dan as he fights, pulls and punches his way across [...]

Stick Santa Gift Collect

Some Evil Elves have stolen all the Christmas Gifts, so Stick Santa has to collect them all. You play as stick santa and evil elves have stolen some of your gifts before you get to give them away to the kids, You have to go out and find all the gifts before its too late, [...]

Feed Prumpa

Prumpa the flatulent elephant is in need of his donuts, melons and cakes, solve the physics puzzles to reward him with food goodness. Another physics puzzle game played out over 32 levels, you have to just get the food to prumpa and avoid spiking the food while solving various different puzzles, look out for cake [...]

Bomb Sweet Bomb

You are controlling an explosive candy which can destroy the Earth. Your goal is to prevent it from happening by sending the candy into the space as far as possible. You fall when you run out of speed and have to hit another candy to get more speed. Collent coins by moving mouse and avoid [...]