MathCopter 2

Fly the Mathcopter into a balloon containing the fraction that is equivalent to the fraction found at the bottom of the screen. do you know your maths show your skills by earning a high score after completing the questions. Click and hold the left mouse button to make the Mathcopter go up and release to [...]


Dogs Care Center

Spring is here and we have to spend more time outside! Your dog missed you and want to play all day. But before that, you have to complete some important steps: Wash your stinky dog and remove all the bacteria, choose his favorite towel and the right accessories! Every time you get the right washing [...]

The Floor Is Lava

You are an ice cube and have somehow managed to end up in a room that is filling up with lava. Get to the switch to stop it! Play your way through 25 levels in this stylish, challenging, and charming platformer. There is music playing in the background while you try and complete each level [...]

Celebrity Gold Room Escape

Escape from the Gold Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Imagine that you are in a the hotel celebrity gold room and you are trapped into a mysterious escape game. Think how can get out of here? You have to think how to escape from this celebrity gold room. [...]

Twilight Wars

A team based top-down shooter game. Pick up weapons and fight enemies with allies. Special abilities and numerous weapons are available. you pick from two sides royal knights and skydow warriors to play as. Eliminate all enemies in the arena to win. To use ability: slash sword-like weapon, hold the mouse to charge, then release [...]


Story: The Evil Heart Federation is invading and you're on the run in your bucket-o-bolts cargo ship. Thankfully you installed a high-powered laser turret just last week! Hopefully you can survive this invasion.... Summary: Simple space shooter developed in just under 60 hours over the course of a little less than 3 days by one [...]

Ghost Flight

In a Chopper-inspired game, you fly your ghost between the spirit lights as far as possible in hopes of reaching heaven. On your way you'll see the ghosts of your opponents who have also tried. See if you can beat them in this asynchronous multiplayer game! Use any key on the keyboard to fly or [...]