Pipe Mania

Pipe Mania is where you take the role of being a Plumber. A huge surge of water is expected to come your way and you have to very quickly lay the pipes in order to make the water reach the drain. There is a timer counting down to keep you on your feet. The fewer pipes you use the higher your score. As the levels progress, newer pipe pieces are introduced to make the game more challenging.


This a real brain teaser and additive game. Well, the aim of the game is to use various pipe fittings available in order to construct a pipe line from the water source to the shower nozzle in the shortest time possible…..Pipe Mania has been described as “A real skill game that’ll keep you on your toes for a while”. Controls: Use the mouse to curve arrow to rotate the piece and Left click on the empty space to place the particular piece.

For more detail: Pipe Mania


Virtual Cop

The local bank is being robbed by one of the city’s most notorious bands and the local police department have unleashed their deadliest weapon, you. Get a good grip on your mouse because this game takes you through an action packed adventure sprinkled with a great 80’s soundtrack. Oh, and don’t forget to reload!


� Aim and Shoot = Use Mouse � Reload = Use Space Bar

For more detail: Virtual Cop


TANKS is a turn by turn turret shooting game. The aim is to destroy your opponents tank as soon as possible or before your opponent destroys you. There are over 12 different types of artillery to choose from, from scatter bombs to air strikes and realistic features like tank fuel, engine sizes etc. You can play against up to 4 human or up to 4 computer controlled opponents or even a mixture of both. The fighting takes place in Hot Desert Dunes, Dense Jungles and Snow Packed Mountains.


� Movements = Use Left or Right Arrow Keys � Rotate Cannon Up / Down = Use Up or Down Arrow Keys � Increase / Decrease Power = Page Up Key or Page Down Key � Next Weapon = W Key � Previous Weapon = Q Key � Fire = Use Space Bar

For more detal: TANKS

Curve Ball

This is a classic remake of the ping pong game combining the best features of squash and tennis. Pong has captured the attention of thousands and is still fairly popular today. Anyway, the idea of the game is just to hit the ball with your paddle but, make it curve to win. The more you’ll twist the more the ball will rotate! You will score more points while doing super curves with the ball.


� Control Paddle = Use Mouse

For more detail: Curve Ball

The Hulk

The Hulk is back and ready to smash, can you match his strength and rage by destroying buildings and all military presence ranging from San Francisco trams all the way to the military’s tanks and assault helicopters. Get the highest score before time runs out and the Hulk changes back into his human alter ego, Dr Bruce Banner.


� Movements = Arrow Keys � Jump = Ctrl Key � Punch = Space B

For more detail: The Hulk

Combat Instinct 2

Combat Instinct 2 is an addictive first person shooting game with a nice story line and goals. The story begins: You’ve crash landed on an dangerous Alien Planet, your mission is to simply survive. Shoot anything that moves and shoots back at you….get to your ship, pick up your team and go kill some more Aliens.


� Aim and Shoot = Use Mouse � Shield Up = Use Space Bar

For more detail: Combat Instinct 2

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong has just escaped from the zoo and kidnapped the princess. You must help Mario climb level after level to rescue the princess from the top. Mario’s only defense is an occasional hammer and his ability to jump. Too bad for him, that when he does make it to the top, Donkey Kong just snatches up the princess and heads for higher ground.


� Movements = Use Arrow Keys � Jump = Press Space Bar

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