Author:Insane Hero Description:What point is an expensive car if you drive it carefully? Thrash those wheels, peeps! Tear through your opponents like wet paper bags. Take the moneys and make your car even more teh ultimate driving machineries! FTW! Instructions:wasd/arrow keys to drive; x for boost


Smash Palace

Author:Bulletproof Arcade Description:Is it clobbering time? You better believe it! Pimp out your ride to survive the demolition derby. Other drivers are only the beginning of your problems. Mines, grinders, and airstrikes make this a dangerous place to drive, serious. How long will you survive? Instructions:Arrow keys to drive; X for powerup; Z for nitro [...]

Road Spies

Author:Addicting Games Description:You are a Road Spy. Which means you get to drive really fast, in a car loaded with deadly weapons. Complete missions to earn the precious, and spend that money on badder rides and bigger guns.Then hit the road and pulverize punk criminals! Booyah! Instructions:arrow keys to drive; x to fire; c to [...]

Renegade Racing

Author:SticklebackGames Description:Stomp the gas and get ready for some motorhead mayhem! Flip your way to the finish line in this high-speed race where the more crazy you drive, the more money you earn! Instructions:WASD to drive; X to shoot; Z for nitro

Modern Moto Racers

Author:Blue-Box Interactive Description:In this futuristic racer, you'll scream down the street, weaving around obstacles and collecting power-ups to boost your bike. Modern Moto Racers features 25 levels across five stages, from the asphalt to beyond the atmosphere. Make sure to wear a helmet! Instructions:see in game instructions

Burnin’ Rubber 5

The Burnin' is back baby! 36 Campaign Challenges! Daily Challenges! Loads of cars to unlock! Loads of Weapons to unlock! Hidden Packages! Oh my! Go Burn some Rubber!